Folklore Candle


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Inspired by the changing seasons, cool nights, warm drinks + bonfires.

Folklore encourages us to gather, enjoy each other's company, and share stories.

Soy Wax, Cassia, Ginger, Black Pepper, Orange, Vanilla

· Diffuse throughout the day for a spicy, warm aroma
· Use as part of your self-care routine to ground space and self
· May help in supporting overall wellbeing

notes of cinnamon, spice, cocoa + citrus

Cassia - In the cinnamon family of evergreen trees. A warming oil that may support overall health. High in antioxidants
Ginger - An ancient medicinal herb. Increases circulation, may improve/relieve digestive discomfort and reduce inflammation
Black PepperStimulates circulation, encourages movements of energy. In aromatherapy, Black Pepper is often added to blends to heighten the effects of other oils
Orange - Boosts mood and relieves fatigue
VanillaHigh in antioxidants + having anti-inflammatory properties, Vanilla has a long list of anti-aging benefits. Warm and spicy oil with aphrodisiac properties

9oz. soy wax with a wooden wick in reusable glass amber jar

1. Give your candle enough burning time to develop a melted wax pool that goes all the way to the edge of the container - especially on the first burn. If you don’t allow your candle enough time to form a full melt pool, it may develop a tunnel. 2. Keep your wood wick trimmed short and free of charred bits. keep your wood wick trimmed to about ⅛”, and clean off any burnt wood from previous use. Wick trimmers and nail clippers work great for trimming wooden wicks! 3. When lighting a wood wick candle, the best way is to tilt it on an angle and let the flame draw across the length of the wick. Sometimes, it can take a few tries.
1. Don't leave a burning candle unattended - always burn within sight. For the best burn, don't let burn for more than 4 hours at a time.  2. Discontinue use of the candle when wax gets to 1/2 inch at the bottom of the jar. A flame at this level of wax can cause the jar to get very hot. This will prevent heat damage to the jar and the surface where the candle is placed. Instead, clean out the remaining wax and re-use the jar, or return to us for a discount on your next purchase. 3. Keep out of reach from children and pets. While the candles are naturally made and contain no phthalates, children and pets may have an increased chance of knocking them over. 
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