Intentions Aroma·Necklace


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Handmade with love for LightWater by Delah+Fern
each piece will be handmade to order with the upmost care + shipped within 2 weeks


Intentions · A mental commitment

Pairing your thoughts with a physical act + a sensory experience helps to solidify those intentions + manifest them in the physical world.


Designed to add another layer of mindfulness to your life, lava beads release scent slowly throughout the day + moonstone is a symbol of new beginnings & connection to Self.

Set Intentions with this hand-shaped gold-plated pendant. The Intentions necklace allows you to breathe in peaceful + restorative aromatherapy throughout your day, giving you subtle reminders of your intentions. 

The black Lava Bead will hold and emanate the beautiful notes of your LightWater essential oils, lasting 5+ hours. 

Moonstone represents New Beginnings + helps you become more in tune with your inner Self + your emotions. 

Each set will vary slightly in size and dimension as they are individually handmade with intention and care.