intentionally crafted + reiki infused

essential oil blends

LightWater Values

every element carries an energetic imprint that can be felt in the final product

  • Wild Harvest

    Our preference is to source essential oils from wild harvested foliage

  • Organic

    When wild harvest is not availble we choose certified organic essential oils

  • Reiki Infused

    Reiki is an energetic therapy that uses the biofield to carry and infuse intentions

  • Shipping

    We strive for low impact

    Any plastics are reused + peanuts are biodegradable

  • Essential Oil Blends

    100% pure essential oil blends infused with reiki intention + energy

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  • Wellness Rollers

    Pre-diluted in ECOCERT fractionated coconut oil for everyday use

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  • Everyday Mist

    A mist for every season + reason

    For room, body, mind, soul + spirit

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Community Love

  • "LightWater blends are sophisticated and well rounded. Each one has a purpose and I love that!"  - A

  • "LightWater has some of my most favourite blends. Create & Breathe are my go to - they diffuse so nicely throughout my home" - K

  • "As a self-proclaimed 'essential oil aficionado' I can tell that so much thought and intention goes into the creation of each LightWater blend" - S