LightWater embraces the journey of finding yourself. By letting go of everything you are not, exploring what you may not yet be and allowing the flow of potential to guide you. We focus on creating and maintaining balance from within while deepening your connection to self through the art of aroma.



We strive to only source the highest quality essential oils and combine them in a way that is unique only to us - with our intention, our intuition, and our perspective. When certified organic is available, that will be our first choice. When organic is not available, we will choose ethically farmed, wild harvested or grown without chemicals.



As someone who has struggled with anxiety, taking on too many responsibilities and is a natural "over-giver" Alyssa [founder of LightWater] often fluxed between burn-out and the guilt of needing to deliver on commitments.

Being drawn to essential oils and aromatherapy since childhood, this was a natural direction for her to follow as a way to ease stress and promote better sleep. It soon became a full-fledged passion – spending years learning what each oil does, how they pair together, blending notes and studying constituents – it soon became clear that this was no longer a hobby and soon LightWater was born.



Essential oils are known for their ability to energize, uplift the spirit, relax the body and change your energetic state. Our blends are designed to support daily activities as well as deepen your spiritual experience – if that’s your thing!

Using our products is easy! The Wellness Rollers are pre-diluted for daily use, just open and use. The Diffuser Blends are 100% pure essential oils and can be used in diffusers, on jewelry, added to your bath, diluted in massage oil – check out our list of “# of ways to use essential oil blends”

By creating a scent association in daily life, you build a scent-trigger that can easily help you slip into any mental/emotional space. Focus on work, unwind, create peaceful moments, have sleep come more easily.