You are invited to enter a space created just for you to relax, unwind and connect to Self

Relax Body, Mind, Soul + Spirit
Ease yourself into the practice of meditation
Allow your breath to guide your nervous system to a state of calm

What In-person meditation
Where The Practice 300 Prince Albert Rd, Dartmouth
Time 12:30-1: 15pm (45min)

The LightWater Method embodies 4 main principles:
Presenceusing the breath to become aware of the present moment + tapping into the calm parasympathetic state
Meditation - allow the body-mind-spirit to enter a deep state of relaxation through the use of visualization + mantras
Gratitude - connect to the high vibrational emotion of gratitude where fear + judgment do not exist
Manifesting - bring your desired future into the present moment, align + embody

- Cushions are provided, please bring a pillow, blanket, crystals, or anything else to make yourself more comfortable
- The Practice will be offering a discount to shop in their studio after class
- Please arrive 15 minutes early

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